Setting priorities

Ever since I started learning about, and practicing, Lifecoaching, both on myself, and later with clients, I have advocated making a list of priorities. This to ensure that we will get that life-balance we seek, and how. You simply choose 5 areas, and list them in order of importance. My list is:

  1. Health
  2. Work
  3. Home
  4. Love
  5. Social life

Whenever I’m about to make a decision that may have a great impact on my life, I check in with this list. Will my choice honor my health, so that it will enable me to feel better? Will it stop me from contributing my best to society, or enable? This all have its foundation, in how we build our relationships. While people who are ill, of course should feel love and have a social life even so, but if we found our relationships on the level where we feel a certain way, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, it will become the foundation of our love and friendships. It would for example be all about a certain trauma, if that was what brought us together, rather than meeting when we feel filled with joy and good health. Thus, striving for optimum health becomes necessary, for all other areas to become balanced.

These are also our needs, that are in constant parallel waning or growing, depending on our lives. The important thing is, not to strive for a perfect pie chart, with a perfect amount of hours for each every day, but to see how it adds up as a whole and what might be missing and of benefit to increase or lessen, for more success.

Would you like to apply this on your own life? Book a session with a personal coach!

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