Living authentically

To live a life led by joy, we must do our homework to face and deal with our own inner resistance and shadow. To experience joy, we must put all expectations aside, taking nothing for granted. And to meet life with the wonder of a child, with our own parental guidance harmoniously blended.

A good way to start, is to downscale and remove everything that you don’t need. Be daring. You need water, food, sleep, clothes, shelter and walks outside. And perhaps medicine to fight of attacks on your immune system. But that’s it. The world we live in, wants us to believe that we need so much more, scaring us if we don’t succumb to continuous acquisitions. What we really need is to live by truth.

Who are you? What do you believe in? What is important to you? Are you following your own advice or the exclamations, that you deliver to others? Have you ever listened to someone without saying what you think he, or she, should say or do? Instead of making her, or him, fit into the picture you would like to paint, really listen and accept that person as exactly, who they are. This is the same acceptance you can use on yourself. Notice how peaceful and relaxing you become, when you step into the presence of accepting.

To get clear on your own needs and priorities, your goals and actions, book an appointment with a certified lifecoach today. Let your spirit soar!

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