Increase your creativity

Stuck in a rut? Scared to get out of your comfort zone, or perhaps you might even wonder what it is? Everything that we do regularly, becomes a daily routine and a habit. For us to experience an actual change in our lives, we must improve and change what we do, and how. Remaining the same, is considered being in your own comfort zone, where most of your friends and parents also prefer you to be, in order to fit you into their own patterns of behavior. It can, at times, be good to remain with what and how you are doing things to be safe, but to grow and evolve, we must change. Actually changing how you do things, will bring you onto the path of progress. Creativity is simply to do something different, to combine things you normally don’t, or to do something completely new. It can also be in terms of expressions (art, literature etc),

Here are some tips on how to increase your creativity:

  • Do it the opposite way. Do you normally take a shower before your brush your teeth in the morning? Try changing the order.
  • Walk/Drive a different route to your workplace or to where you pick up groceries.
  • Imagine and visualise how you want things to be. Describe it vividly in your journal.
  • Brainstorm ideas on your own, or together with a friend, or your coach.
  • Change perspective. Remember those exercises for the debate team? Try being con in issues that you normally are pro, or vice versa. (This one is also good to become more inclusive or to found a more firm belief and value.)
  • Make something – a cake, refurbish a piece of furniture, or write that piece of poetry you carry in your heart.
  • Figure out a solution to a problem

It’s my ambition to host creativity circles as part of the coaching department at Telluselle Living Center, with a focus on green innovation and improved health. Ready to share your ideas?

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