Live Aloha!

In Hawaii, there is a common thread in how you treat others and the land, that is called the Aloha-spirit. It permeates everyone, with its rich kindness and presence of good cheer. It derives from accepting that on an island, you must take deliberate measures to agree. That on an island, you can’t escape and we all have to depend on one another for our survival. Hence, the development of the Ho’oponopono practice – a Hawaiian forgiveness technique – and a culturally rooted kindness and care in the simple, yet profound, acknowledgement of the need to share.

Aloha means to joyfully share breath. To “Live Aloha” means to extend one’s care without selfish motives towards others. To be kind. And to enjoy the beauty of nature. This certainly is something we can all do, everywhere, not just in Hawaii. You can:

  • Help someone
  • Let someone pass before you in a line
  • Greet someone with a smile
  • Care to listen
  • Share a meal
  • Give a compliment
  • Ask for what another needs
  • Show respect
  • Recycle and reduce waste

Inspiration for other things you can do, can be found here.

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