Both when I started taking classes in Qigong, and in Yoga, in Sweden, they were practices to music. To me, it aided my learning of the routines, since it became like learning a dance choreography. However, traditionally, there is no music, but just a focus with a mantra or simply a pattern of breathing.

We all get affected by music, and the question is how. So, to be able to really practice mindful presence, it becomes easier and more correct without. It also serves a different purpose without music. Yoga can then be both used for warm-up and winding down after a stressful day.

The same applies with lit candles, that I have often seen together with yoga practices. That seems to resemble a church and an altar, which then takes away the focus on physicality.

At Telluselle Living Center, we will only focus on our own inner journeying, and practice presence, with the help of symbolism found in nature for our asanas. More about the sacred sound of “Aum” here.

Photo from Hawaii 2010.

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