Made of bamboo

I used to have a wind chime made of bamboo, that sounded really nice. And when I lived in Honolulu, HI in 2010, I was introduced to David Sands, architect for Bamboo Living (see photo), who has made pre-fabricated houses that one can set up almost everywhere. I went to one of their showings and have of course also seen bamboo grow in Manoa.

Bamboo is a renewable source, that therethrough is eco-friendly. While bamboo function as wood, it’s actually a form of grass. Therefore, I see it as something we can build Telluselle Living Center with, including double walls for isolation that is possible. There are also floors and furniture made of bamboo, that we can use as decorating elements.

After I had returned to Sweden, I came up with another idea in 2014, to also use bamboo to make a lei; ie a Hawaiian flower garland, that I aim to sell worldwide.

It’s very hard to break a bamboo rod, so from a spiritual point of view, it can symbolise being the spine of the matter. To be unbreakable. To be a channel for the Great Spirit.

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