Rest in Mother Earth’s embrace

While we now have a new year, a new chapter, we can begin, it can also be of comfort to remember that it’s all man-made. In China, New Years is celebrated in February and in the Arabic countries, it’s celebrated at the time of the Spring Equinox. Life goes on, regardless.

Religion is how we in society try to gather around a set of rules to live by, in harmony, so also with the calendar. But, we can also look to Mother Earth as our rock, our grounding anchor, with her seasons and her stability. The forces that govern our nature, was here before you, and will continue after you. In this lies an opportunity for reverence and respect, as well as detachment from religion. The environment, and our collective need for resources and a good climate to live in, thus is what can bring us oneness. We can all focus on the environment, and thus set our goals accordingly, as a whole. All with a foundation of relating to Her as a living entity.

More about my personal journey to heal with Mother Earth, can be found in my book “The Call for Divine Mothering” and on my webpage at Photo from 2010 by Desirée Seitz.

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