Choosing gemstones

In Feng Shui, it’s common to use gemstones as part of interior decorating, to lift and create more flow of energy in the room. Each stone is holding a certain frequency that we match with our emotional charge, representing a certain quality. I used to work over the summer in a store selling self-help books and gemstones 20 years ago, where I learned the various types and to help match it with customers. Often I can sense a subtle pulse, by holding it in my hand. It’s how I came to feel the life of Mother Earth, all condensed into little rocks! To choose which one is for you, is just a matter of your own taste and perhaps matching a desired charge, you’d like to be reminded of and attracting. Rose quartz for example, is good for love, while Mountain crystal raises the overall vibration in a room. Here, I’m wearing Citrine, that is a self-cleansing stone and therefor a good filter against unwanted energy. Otherwise, to clean your stones, use seasalt, or put them in soil for a week or so. Then let them be refilled in the sun.

Each stone holds the energy from where it came. What we refer to as gemstones, simply hold it a little bit more.

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