Students of life

While we all should respect the rights of others and our own, it’s also important to provide space and time to discuss our values. Values are what we think and feel about different things. What we think and feel is most important and why. Together this creates a certain ideal of how we want life to be. And can be. We’re not going to create a Utopia but instead examine the ideals we live under and the ones we would like to have. How we want to look, how we want to eat, work, practice, relate and live. What others want in comparison, and find whether to create the same or respect the differences.

At Telluselle Living Center, it’s my ambition to have these type of discussions in small groups – sacred circles for conversations – and sometimes as seminars with guest speakers. We will also cover topics like feminism, organic living, immigration and similar.

Which are your values and ideals? Can these become your goal?

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