At home in our bodies

The soul can not inhabit our bodies without us welcoming it home, nurturing its home, our bodies. We see it in our eyes, looking inwardly at first, outwardly second, when we dare to meet others in authenticity. It’s a simple act of recognition, of non-judgmental grace and shared humility in front of a divine power that enables this.

Caring for our bodies therefore is a must, in a much deeper sense of honoring and meeting our needs than for superficial good looks, rather for a health that makes it safe to express joy. It’s life’s greatest reward!

Performing Hawaiian Hula

Do you care for yourself this way and do you support others to? Look yourself in the eyes in the mirror and in your photos and see yourself, not to be a narcissist, but to be your true self fully, shining through your ego. Pull out a good memory and analyze what the conditions were that worked, after understanding when you were traumatized and what that led to. This way you can get back on the path that is your own, and not what others want it to be.

Dare to reclaim you!

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