Finding joy!

Healing my soul, and body, is about to have dared to grieve fully and found joy with my inner child back, the person I used to be, so to speak, the glittery spark that children have with their beauty and kindness, as well as the flirting, creativity and charisma, which in turn is how we create healthy relationships and an income.

My joy is found in dancing, the anticipation of Santa Claus arriving is what I realized I felt that day in spring 2004 when I started taking dance classes again after a hiatus of 10 years. (Read more about this, in my book “The Call for Divine Mothering”.)

Healing the soul thus has to do with encouraging and embracing my own inner child that unfortunately others abuse, rather than healing their own.

I still feel it, the positive anticipation, whenever I dance Isadora Duncan, Modern or African, together with a deeper connection to my femininity with Hawaiian Hula. Using my natural curiosity when I’m out walking exploring new little paths, integrating the whole when I pick seashells at the beach, or writing in my diary, also brings back my inner child, after I have reclaimed my energy.

Do what brings you joy!

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