Creating a vision

While a Christian mystic would refer to it as an apparition, a business strategist and/or life coach, think of a vision as something we create ourselves, but indeed as a picture. A desired picture of how we would like something to be or look like. It can be our own life or business, or an entire city or country.

When a vision has become defined, it can be distilled into one or several achievable goals, and is best done together with the group that is going to achieve them.

A good way to start, is to assume a perspective as seen from above, to get the whole desired picture. We can define it as a wish or a dream, when done alone, but for a group, creating a vision can also be a goal in itself to work towards, answering questions like:

Which resources do we already have in terms of time, money and knowledge? Map this out.

How would we like to live and work?

What is our purpose?

What can be done to achieve this?

What can we do?

Who else can we bring in to join us?

What will become the result for us as individuals, as an organization, and as a community?

There we have it!

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