Let your feelings lead you

Many people choose to either dress or surround themselves with certain colors, because they have learned that if they do, they will radiate and attract what these colors are said to possess. While many colors can be likened with nature and what they represent for us, it’s not the same. Not everybody wearing dark blue will work in law enforcement or be presidents or in any powerful position. I choose color mostly depending on how I feel wearing it. Sometimes, I also like choosing colors according to trends I sense and what’s in fashion.

I chose this green for my spring coat, because it reminds me of meeting a Chameleon in Hawaii, that hid under leaves in this exact hue, and of my first Hula-skirt, my ‘pau, that unfortunately I was much hated in. Nonetheless, I still like wearing the color green. It also can be seen as symbolic for spring, nature and growth – naturally – while not at all symbolic of money to me, since we don’t have green bills in Sweden or in EU. If I would solemnly choose to wear this color in an effort to attract money, it wouldn’t work, since I don’t believe that I would receive money just for wearing this, given there is no natural reason. But, I feel happy wearing it.

So, the next time you ponder about buying a piece of clothing and which color to choose, just ask yourself how it makes you feel, and let that be your foundation for making your decision.

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