Life-coaching as an approach

Life-coaching is a method designed in two ways. It’s a professional conversation technique with its emphasis on posing open ended questions, so that you as the client, can let your own answers emerge from within. This enables you, a safe place to try various perspectives and discuss various solutions, to discern which you’d like to follow up, with action towards your desired change; your goal.

Another way of looking at coaching, is that its inherent value is the approach which we meet our clients with. Our core values are that we believe that all people can bring forth good and be part of their own problem-solving with our neutral and positive support. A life-coach is like your own cheerleader for your work, hobbies, finances, health and relationships. This approach, thus constitute an outlook on life, where we deem that people are resourceful and creative by nature. And by founding our practice accordingly, we can make these abilities grow. This is also why many leaders take to coaching for positive reinforcement that can help employees to be more productive, efficient and happier.

You can also begin to practice this yourself in your own conversations. Next time someone asks you of your opinion, or when you simply feel inclined to offer yours, pose a question instead, to let the conversation evolve into more understanding and creative suggestions. This also enables more confidence to develop.

Would you like to try? Contact me here.

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