Create work-life balance

What do you have much of in your life? And what would you like more of? Using a wheel of life to map it out, is part of life-coaching. We can divide our life into 8 parts: Physical, Mental, Spiritual and personal growth, Finances, Social, Romantic relationship, Career and Physical environment. Then you make an estimation of how satisfied you are with each area as well as clarify how much time you spend on each, where 10 is fully and 0 is none.

Now, you can draw an inner circle to see your own chart. While all these areas are in constant motion and changes, you’d be surprised how well they all feed each other. For example, if you see you haven’t been much social lately but dread working less because your finance area needs more too; daring to spend more time with friends anyway may make you more relaxed, inspired and connected with ideas for improvement, as well as grow a better emotional detachment to your job, that in fact will make you more productive and efficient.

You can set a goal to just have more balance or for each area, but you can also choose one to focus on. With a professional life-coach, you can discuss the ingredients and needs for your chosen area, which will enable your to come up with some ideas and strategies to improve how you spend your time.

Another perspective to gain balance, is by using the natural elements to help symbolise each area:

Air – spiritual – faith

Metal – intellectual – mind and thoughts

Earth – environment and finances

Fire – emotional – romantic relationship and passion

Water – physical – health and body

Wood – social – family and friends

Ether – soul and self realised

How would you like to divide your areas?

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