Asking Santa or pray?

Now that Christmas is upon us, what better time of year than to practice real generosity of heart! Yesterday, I heard two acquaintances talk about their Christmas gifts that they had received from each their employers and this brought me to think of what I’d like to give my future employees. Swedish gingersnaps of course! A little basket of goodies, and a tea light holder made of glass. If you were an employer, what would you gift your employees?

Take this exercise further and consider what you really would like to give to your family, friends and loved ones, if money was not a problem and you could get them anything you would like. Make a list!

Check the list to see if it’s things that you really would like yourself. Then make a special wish-list for that. Continue the list for others, and really think through what you know in your heart that they long for. Write it down. Offer your wishes to God, or to Santa… Share it too, if your want.

Merry Christmas!

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