Saluting the sun

My entire life, I’ve been very skinny. Even a little too skinny. I’ve had problem gaining weight as opposed to most others, and never dieted. Thus, I’ve never been able to relate to other women, except for dancers. Imagine the surprise, now that I’ve gained 15 kilos (30 lbs)! I’m forced to eat different than I normally do since two years, and I’m not as physically active as I used to, such as walking instead of taking the bus, and most of all, I assume it’s because I entered menopause. I’m hoping though, that this will become regulated, when I can move and get back into my normal routines. Nonetheless, I still take dance classes, and do yoga. Here is my sun salutation:

The important point is, to have a wellness goal rather than a competitive goal. That means you only use your own capacity and performance as a measure. To only use yourself as your comparison. My increased weight, becomes a weight, that I’m lifting.

Which changes have your body undergone? What do you do to meet them?

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