Hawaiian health-tip!

There are a plethora of natural supplements out there, claiming to do wonders. Which one really do work? This is when our mouth-to-mouth sharing is so important, besides our own trials. Here are my best tips:

What has really helped me to heal my stomach and skin problems, is this Aloe Vera Gel that I took a shot of each morning. Some years later, I have tried Noni-juice to boost my immune system, which it really did. It realigned me and made me feel more upbeat. I was introduced to this when I lived in Honolulu and got to see how the fruit was fermented in the sun.

Besides these, I can also recommend to drink Pomegranate juice, and take a daily vitamin with easy to absorb iron, like Blutsaft. And Lemon-Ginger tea with honey for breakfast!

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