Honoring the winter solstice

On December the 21st, we have the longest night and shortest day in Sweden with only 6 hours of daylight. This darkness becomes an incentive to turn more inwards and honor the sacred feminine, yin. We can do this by resting and reflecting more, and perhaps even listen to our own shadow side that we might not want to show to the world as frequently. It’s a time of silence and stillness. And it’s also a reminder to cherish the hours the sun is up, even more. In other parts of the world, like Portugal and Hawaii, the difference between the seasons aren’t as prevalent when it comes to hours of daylight.

It’s all about our cycles, to live in tune with Mother Earth. We as women, have our monthly cycle, that is said to be reflecting the moon, and even sync naturally within groups of women. After our regular cycle has ended, the older women pass into the greater cycle with more wisdom. The seasons and hours of daylight.

What can you do to take more care of your dark, feminine side?

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