Finding peace

As we approach the holidays, let not stress ruin it for you. Set clear goals of how you want it to be, with whom, or with none! Decide what you would like to feel and know that most state of minds – and hearts – are a choice. We simply need to apply a different perspective to get there. As with most things, we need the opposite, or negative, to treasure the positive. We need darkness to appreciate light. We need grief to appreciate joy. And we need conflict to appreciate peace.

Just like with happiness, we can choose peace as a path. I found mine through remembering to live life as if I only had a short time left to live. It was the lesson I received after my mother had passed away and I found a lump in my own chest that needed a biopsy in 2008. What if? What would I do? I would want to go back to Hawaii… and did anyway! I also choose to forgive others and simply try to not leave anything unsaid or undone, when I go to sleep. With this comes peace naturally as the result.

I believe we are made of love, light and peace, so it’s our natural state, a treasure inside our core as humans, which we reach through meditation and breathing.

When it comes to outer peace, that too is a choice. When we focus on solutions and reconciliation, we can put our own opinion a little aside and be practical. What needs to be done? And what is really important? Let rather your needs be what steers you, than to win an argument.

Happy peaceful Thanksgiving!

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