Telluselle Living – a TV-show?

Some years ago when I set out to go live in the United States, I thought of how I wish there was a TV-show focusing on living organic, so I made a pitch in 2010 to OWN, when Oprah sought ideas. After all, I created the name Telluselle to become a brand for green wellness. Tellus is Latin for planet Earth and elle means she in French, which is my noble heritage. I still think it would be wonderful!

Imagine a TV-show once a week with weekly features presenting:

  • Green inventions
  • Extinct – visit place/animal/plant
  • Fashion – fabrics, designs etc
  • Food – bio, organic, local; farm and facts
  • Energy – on and off the grid, cost, implementations and examples
  • Home – recycle & reuse examples
  • Indigenous wisdom around the world

Then more people could achieve green health and be Telluselle Living!

Photo: Creative commons

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