Any change is an opportunity to improve. What if we now get a chance to create a more healthy and sustainable society together? What would such a society look like?

My ambition is to start a worldwide franchise called Telluselle Living Center where people can come together and discuss, try, and evaluate improvements of their lives and the life of their community, with focus on green health.

What does a good job look like and what is most needed in society? How can we ensure a fair and just agriculture with only necessary trade to lessen transports? How much electricity, gas and water do we need? Where and how do people want to live and why? Which specific skills can you use to serve the world with? The key to all this is to be centered around fulfilling your own needs and contribute to the fulfillment of others’ needs with a sincere belief in everybody’s right to be happy, healthy, whole and prosper. 

Through coaching, creativity workshops, qigong and dancing barefoot to increase flow and happiness, and the use of biological products in a supportive environment that encourages education and personal growth, we can solve these issues and create a model house, where we also find the space to develop a more consistent relationship with earth. In harmony with each other and earth.

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