Making it safe to change

How come we don’t always do what is best for us? In terms of improving our daily habits, it seems quite contradictory to do the opposite instead of following through. Yet perhaps the initiative is imposed on us by others or we have to remain doing something in order to cope. There are two things getting in the way for change:

1. Our own instant gratification over long term satisfaction: The reward of doing a change must become greater than not to. It must simply feel better.

2. Others’ behavior towards, or affecting you, whether predictably or not.

It’s in the dynamics of the individual, organization (group) and society, changes take place. Some rushed through emerging trends, whether fear-based or fashionable, and some as reoccurring patterns that are cyclic and common for both individuals and organizations (groups). It was this that I studied at Malmö University and Hawaii Pacific University, so that I can both lead and coach others through change, preferably by your own initiatives that makes it more positive to experience.

How do we then create change? I have found that the energy that is needed is developed through friction evolving through a conflict, creating a need to move. A need to create something new. This why, in turn becomes the motivation to change.