How do I practice yoga?
IMG_4761I find rest in each asana, breathing in more life and release physical tension. I choose how I approach the mat, with which emotion I hit the floor – with energy and gusto to become more strong and flexible to warm up, soft and slow to wind down and care for myself, or relaxing to rejuvenate and refresh my body through the stretching.
IMG_4762Breathing out when I push into and extend the motion, breathing in for strengthening, letting my whole body breathe when I dare to. All with presence. How do you do yours?
IMG_4763I have practiced yoga since the beginning of the 2000’s and aim to have one instructor offer a couple of classes at Telluselle Living Center as part of the whole curriculum.

(A good tip for those of you who might not be used to winters, wear your leggings underneath your jeans or other pants, I do!)



In the name of equality, one could advocate that we all can become enlightened and thus reach the status of a Buddha. For many years I have seen statues of Buddhas and mostly recognized that some seems to be from India and others from China.


Meanwhile I have also encountered Tibetan style and Japanese style of chanting, so what is then the Chinese type? I passed by the Fo Guang Shan temple the other day and was invited in to have a look around. They have the Medicine Buddha in the middle, flanked by the heir and the one for Enlightenment.


Here in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, they are going to start a meditation class in January together with learning more about Zen, while one can pray and enjoy reading a sutra already now on Sundays. I love the way they have put the seats alongside the walls for stability and comfort – something to remember for Telluselle Living Center too! And here I am standing next to the Buddha for Paradise. (I also noticed Kuan Yin and a picture of the Great Buddha).


Can one use Buddhism if one is Christian? It is a philosophy for having a better life, especially when born again. As with all things, it is a matter of being free to believe and to learn how to practice our virtues, starting by calming down our mind with meditation. Have you tried it?


For many years I have bought and liked both vintage furniture and clothes. It is often cost-efficient with good quality which therefore lessens consumerism and improves sustainability. However, there are three levels to have in mind:

1. Antiques – often art, or pieces of design items, carpets and furniture that are older than 100 years.

2. Vintage – better quality clothes and furniture, often from the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s.

3. Used – sometimes even new things that are left over from sales or by people who regrets their buy or don’t like a gift they received, are smart finds.

However, old energies and simply that of others’ is never good to bring into our home. Not to mention, we shouldn’t have to resort to wearing used of financial reasons (My mother had to growing up, while my grandparents were really immersed into buying antiques.). Therefore, I’m happy to share that I have stopped using any used or vintage, to feel a difference since the last three years. And I have even found a new pair offwhite corderoy pants for a little as 1 euro here in Frankfurt (at an outlet store)!

Where do you draw the line?

Photos of recent curbside finds.


What is it that lights up your eyes and makes you feel inspired to get going? Is it a cause your care about or something you like doing? What exhilirates you?

IMG_4513Passion is the fuel for our life energy, it is feeling to expand and extend beyond our boundaries to propel us forward. Even though passion might exist within relationships, it is not what we refer to when it comes to Lifecoaching. In fact, relying on your partner only to always supply you with energy, will most likely end the relationship.

How do you then best find out and can you have several passions? Find two, one thing you love doing, which may or may not be creative and/or physical, such as a craft or a sport. It can also be an intellectual pursuit such as writing or artistic such as sawing. And one cause you feel passionate about. What makes you upset that you want to change? What do you think is important in your life, in the life of your closest circles and in society? How can you contribute and with what to the improvement of something?

Start by answering yourself these questions and try it directly. You can also recall what you used to do, whether when you were a child and dreaming of becoming something special or loved playing, or simply when you were single, younger or the like. Or have you developed a new taste for something? Remember, your passion and its reasons, is uniquely yours to pursue, whether you practice alone or together with others.


In a world of growing awareness of organic practices and fostering an eco-friendly approach to life, even a simple thing as choosing the right soil for our plants can make a difference.

Labeling something as “bio” or “organic” is built on certain variables and factors that are controlled. However, a practice can be naturally eco-friendly or non-harmful with great sustainability without aspiring to be so.


Here comes the tricky question – what do we then choose? Quality and durability or organic but not durable? Which is then more energy-efficient for what price?

Naturally, I took a personal interest in soil early in life since I like repotting our plants back home and making things grow. I loved raking our garden, just as I enjoy the sound of gravel under my feet and sifting sand through my fingers.

As I might have shared before, while I was an intern at TetraPak in Lund at their information department in the early 90’s, I got to learn more about one of their founders’ pet project – making soil with beds of peat, mulling for years – to a special quality brand called Simontorp. It’s still my favorite in Sweden since all my plants grow well and remain healthy with it. I would think their process is very organic.
IMG_4491Today, I saw these two kinds of soil, one organic and the other with added lava/volcanic rocks it seems. If anything the latter must be hindering growth one can think. Adding minerals can only benefit if we have something to add it to. And do Hibiscus plants grow on lava? No, they don’t. So why then? To create something new, to sell something coming from Paradise. And perhaps because volcanic water is beneficial for our health (at least mine). Separating the use of the natural elements here, however, is crucial since they all need each other to work together. Which soil is best used for much watering for example? Blending, morphing and separating into strength and flexibility, one leading a season into another. And to become the very ground we live on.
IMG_4492Put yourself in the same pot as another, or rather, let each plant be its best own beauty!

When do you choose organic and why? Is it the same as being sustainable? Discuss it with us at Telluselle Living Center or in the comments below!



It was through living in Hawaii, I first encountered the use of Aloe Vera. In the beginning of my fascination for this plant, it was primarily for topical use to soothe sunburn and lessen itching skin or calm down blemishes. It worked like a charm!

Soon, I tried drinking some juice but mostly found myself running to the bathroom more often, so instead I was recommended pulp. Ah, what a relief!

For about a year (or was it two?), I drank a shot of pure organic Aloe gel in the morning to lessen my stomach problems, which also lessened my skin problems from within (together with using biological products only with plantbased ingedients). Nowadays, I just gulp down the ready made bottle of mixed drink with pulp in it, when ever I feel the need for some refreshment.

It’s a healthy little plant, that also is easy to grow on your own.

Have you ever tried it or do you have any other favorite remedy? Share below in the comments if you want!


Starting a business naturally includes a bit of research about competitors. While all activities can be considered a competition for time and money, it is what is similar to our own, that we need look up and into. We do this to differentiate and position ourselves on the marketplace both in terms of communication and marketing, and the actual offers, while also see what we can use and learn from, whether it is choosinh physical location and space, or design and name, a price model for customer care or opening hours.


Today, I passed by the “Meridian Spa” in Frankfurt. They focus on fitness, wellness and bodycare. Our membership idea is from gyms like this, but at Telluselle Living Center the activities will be different and yet focused on the same fitness, wellness and bodycare together with mind and spirit for the soul.

With every word we use to describe our business, we must fill it with the meaning and emotional charge we want. Is dancing fitness and where do we find our customers?

Coaching at TLC for example, isn’t about personal trainers at all, but rather a speaking partner to use for your own decision making and development, but not therapy.IMG_4363

When all this is thought out and described in a business plan that is constantly being updated, we can build a foundation to grow from that is both steady and flexible. This way, our business also becomes a specialized brand. Together we form the culture that will permeate the organization. This implies ensuring that we live like we teach. Do you think of yourself as someone who lives organically based on forming your own relationship to nature with a touch of flair? Do you practice meditation and qigong and use biological care products? Then we can make a fit. Let’s try and find out!


Most of you might already know how much I enjoy herbs, especially in teas, but do I exclude traditional medicine? No, I don’t. It depends on how I feel and how the medicine works.

As so often when the weather changes, come early fall, catching a cold is easy. It was also one of the reasons why I started looking into herbal remedies many years ago. I had tried some Chinese Medicin but feel more comfortable with plants and names I recognize, like this Echinacea.

Another thing I have realized, is that western traditional medicine, chemically produced, often creates a similar side-effect to what the medicine is for in the first place, such as getting a headache (but a different type) from an ibuprofen or even getting a stuffy nose from nosedrops. Instead I use a saline spray. This might mean it doesn’t alleviate the symptoms as good as a regular would, but it takes less days to feel better. After all, when we don’t feel well, we’re not supposed to cover it up more than necessary, but rather take it as an inspiration to get more rest.

How do you deal with your cold?


Are you fooling yourself? Your mind might be aware, but your body not.

There seems to be a broad and popular demand for bottled water with added taste. But if you drink something that tastes pineapple for example, don’t you think your body wonders why it is not receiving the actual yummy fruit?

In Germany they add a little juice to spring water making it into a sparkly drink. You can also opt for the actual juice instead or have a real fruit. Or if you can make sure you have enough of water for the day with the added flavor.

What really matter is what your body wants. This all depends on climate, hormones and task of the day. What tastes good yesterday may be too much today, or maybe you want more of the same?

Feel it within and follow this feeling by doing, so you can fulfill this particular need. Maybe your goal is a need, then just imagine how much relief, peace and satisfaction you will feel when you meet it. When it is, it will propel you forward with positive action.

A sprinkle of real lime makes me drink up. Do you?


For those of you who might not know about the secret treasures of German cuisine beyond sauerkraut, I’d thought I’d enlighten you a little. In the health food, special food, and natural food supplement business, Germany is the pioneer. It is here you first could find glutenfree quality products as well as herbal teas and even Bach’s natural remedies (drops made of flower essence we ingest to assist our mood). They seem to lack lactose-free products though unless people just take extra enzymes, which I am also going to try.

Many brands are German’s own and while most ingredients only can be read in German and/or French, the label “Bio-food” indicates its organic origin.

Now that I found my gluten free cereal, pasta, puffed quinoa, tofu and quorn, I naturally feel more at ease. One could simply calling it acquiring an improved ecological taste.

Which are your must have’s?


The best way to learn for most of us, is by looking at someone else who has done it before or simply knows the routine better. After paying for the class, the student learns from the teacher until she can do it on her own. This is especially true for dancers. And thanks to Barbara Kane from England who instructed the class, and Francoise from France who showed the steps, I learned some more Isadora Duncan dance in Germany this past weekend.

Then I match each step with a place in the music and let the music lead me into one.


IMG_3912Here at Telluselle Living Center, we coach people with the Socratic method which means that you are in focus and your own goal with the coaching leads the sessions, although the conversations that take place are led by the coach. It is the conversations in themselves that is the coaching! Everything is adapted to you in the moment but following a couple of steps, or simply have a variety of focus-areas to talk about and cover to enable personal growth and empowerment, letting you explore and work towards your own goals including living with a good health. It’s all about the dialogue, questions that open up for more creativity and new perspectives enabling to deepen your understanding, feel more compassion and find stronger motivation from within.

Many are the how to-programs and self-help books and videos out on the market that promises you that you will earn more money, become more successful and be happy if you just listen carefully and preferably sell the very same video you are watching. But here there is no agenda to make you into a teacher of a subject you have never studied yourself, just to sell that idea to someone else. Here the focus is you, alone with the coach or in small groups with others who have similar goals or share a common background or situation that is a call for positive change. When there are obstacles to overcome, including fears, we will define these and perhaps set a new goal to start a therapy or use a special method to overcome those, but it is not the within the scope of our coaching to offer any therapeutic methods, rather we continue when the therapy is done.


Since most people want to both earn a decent living and have fun meanwhile, it is the foundation for our coaching: how to work, with what, where, why and when and with whom.  The things we cover are:

  • Introduction – What is coaching and how does a session work?
  • Purpose – What do you want the coaching to help you with? Define a problem.
  • Inventory – Which are your best skills and which would you like to develop?
  • Possibilities – What can you work with and where?
  • Passion – What is your motivation that makes it worthwhile?
  • Learning – How and what can you learn? Which insights have you done?
  • Time Management – What do you prioritize and is that what you want?
  • Health and Habits – Which conditions do you live under and how do you feel?
  • Goals – Dream and make it into an attainable goal
  • Action steps – Make a plan to make it happen and start doing it with continuous feedback and follow up support

Welcome to try and know that it will most likely take about six weeks (three sessions every two weeks) to see and feel initial progress. A complete overhaul requires about 3-6 months to get going. We work with ethical standards and require a professional education and experience by those we employ or assign as coaches and circle conversation leaders.


IMG_3778This blog is about building Telluselle Living Center, how I start it up and together with whom. It has been my intention for many years but as with all competitive markets one has to be prepared not only for setbacks and regular competition but also for nasty sabotages, takeovers and intellectual property violations, alongside any changes of regulations and international ups and downs. Either we face this underway (the preferred way) or first by removing the obstacles that make us stalled and hindered.

In my case it also has to do with location, that I want to feel at home in the city where it will be built first which is a growth process in dynamic with the environment, and the society with its local and national culture. This has to be set before I can passionately get investors onboard from my own physical platform. Therefor you still have to wait a little longer until I can move back to where its original place is supposed to be… I hope!

Time to plan. Follow my journey here on the blog!


logo_flower_smallWhile I await new funds, I have focused on perfecting my books and business plan,  but I still plan on making a bamboo lei. Each flower is thought to be made in one piece, from a cut half rod of bamboo, to make it slightly round and better resemble a small plumeria flower. I have also looked into ways of producing this, such as with water drilling and laser cutting to ensure an efficient and easy method.


Hopefully this will be developed further later this year. Each flower put into the lei with love.


LogoWhen I first started dancing classical ballet in Lund, we used to do turns on the diagonale across the floor and I felt so proud that I had learnt the secret of turning your head first before the rest of the body follows, spotting at a point on the wall. Over the years, this was not necessarily forgotten but hard to follow with the extra stress, loss of dance practice and the twists and turns of life coming inbetween. Someone stalking me as a teenager made me feel like I always had to be on the run.

However, when I changed career to work as Professional Lifecoach, the name for my business became Balancefocus, registered in late 2001 as my second business, and soon this became a metaphor for keeping a clear view of what is important and finding balance in life. I worked as a Lifecoach parallel to my studies and after until 2004 when I left for Honolulu to grieve my mother and restore a more thorough approach. After my return in 2005, I continued again with the addition of small dance workshops, but was suddenly threatened in 2006 again after I was in 2003 which forced me to go on sick-leave until 2007. I was however again sabotaged and threatened (beginning in 1996 and in 1997 when I started my first freelancing business as copywriter after a couple of years as employed) and therefor decided to move back to the United States in 2010. After a good start, I was again stalked and sabotaged, whereupon I was forced to return to Sweden. After a year of recuperating, I wrote my second book and finished editing my first and was about to start working again in 2014. Whereupon again, my life was destroyed by some impostor or stalker.

My preferred coaching is indeed with private citizens one-on-one where I ask questions similar to a really good interview where you grow insights about yourself, your pattern of thinking and behaving, what your goals and dreams are and how you can reach them. To our assistance, we have lots of tools for time-management, making an inventory of your skills coming from your experience and education and ways of exploring what you are longing for the most. To reach these goals or simply feel better about your life, an improved self-confidence is usually a must wherefor we cover that too, using things like affirmations and mirror-work to discover which needs and conditions you lack and prefer. And of course which values you live by setting boundaries and what fuels your passion. Living a life in balance is to make room for physical exercise, mental training, spiritual seeking and emotional intimacy besides work and sleep, food and rest. And recreation! All in moderation and flexibility with a sense of taking responsibility.

Naturally, similar to therapists, it goes by evidence that living by and trying on these different tools for our own lifejourney is a must, including having been coached and being trained to, like I have through my research and classes at Malmo College (University). Read more here. I also offer coaching in small groups where the members have similar goals or simply would like to grow in awareness and expand their thinking to define various virtues with examples, as well as assist Human Resource Managers and unions with career development discussions and physical fitness centers with Lifecoaching for their customers together with their personal trainers.

Not too surprisingly I found my way back to the dance floor with classical music and new ways to spot to keep my focus. What is yours?


What happened in 2011-12 and the lessons in that, is something I wrote my second book about. I want to be able to share with the world and make sure that everybody that I met would be portrayed and cited as correctly as possible in hopefully an empowering way, to enabling healing and correction. It is also a witness testimony and the way I was able to return to myself – however not to return to Sweden… You can buy it here!

So, how do I get back? From a coaching point of view, plans are made, budget taken into account, preparations communicated… and then meanwhile things change in society, whether rates or rules, or stalkers and terrorists break havoc on what is good and positive, while at the same time we must take into account all this, timing with others and of course our own health, affected by this stress, which in turn is the foundation for the application for a visa. You can support me by donating here!


The reasons why I can’t remain in Sweden much longer are many, so many it already became part of destroying my new life that I was starting over with in the United States in 2010-12. Then it led to deportation instead of volunteer departure which I first was ruled, giving me a 10 year ban from re-entering unless waived. But instead of either enabling me new opportunities in Stockholm, start my business or supported to return, I have been obstructed from even having my own apartment, less becoming employed with more than 300 job applications sent out, even though I have at least ten years of work experience of both being self-owned and employed with higher education.


The walls we build should be keeping intruders from trespassing with unlawful entering, which I never did and never do. Instead I am being even more intruded upon in the already isolated culture in Sweden. The wall against Mexico, however, is something I do endorse.

While I was in immigration proceedings with my valid visa, I was held at FDC Honolulu for 338 days which I have written a book about. You can find that and my first one on If you have any suggestions or questions, please comment!



My aim is to provide a positive place for good meetings to occur that becomes a little like a Greek forum for meaningful discussions and art, for relaxation and rejuvenation but in a interior style combining east with west.  The question is how to budget this build, keeping it small enough to be quality, but big enough to be profitable in ways that support the art. One way that I am trying out this, is by checking out the market for various activities such as coaching groups and book circles in Stockholm. This week I organized two more.
IMG_3320I have tried using newsletters, PR and flyers when I lived in Malmö and the past two years in Stockholm, I mostly use the digital platform called MeetUp (available for most cities) to market and hold these small events, at local coffee-shops and small studios for now. A rule of thumb is that we receive a 1% paying customers turn-out of our target group, meaning number of sold products or services, with attendees, when our marketing efforts work well (minus unforeseen world-events). Making it count is everything!


I have always loved writing a diary and started my first at the age of 7. It had the cover of blue velvet and held things about what was for dinner, what I had received when had gone out shopping and what was done in school. I simply continued throughout my life, adding notes about my feelings and relationships, it became a tool for self-discovery and understanding which has enabled me to improve and share my lessons. Meeting other people often provides us with much inspiration and friendships that becomes the water for our seeds to grow. Here is a link to my first book in English with color photos about my life in Honolulu and Malmö where I grieved the passing of my mother, found my passion and defined my life purpose:


You can also read more about me on my personal webpage here.


The clouds start to parade outside my window and a cold wind stir the trees. I lit a candle and sat down to edit one of my books with some final touches.


Laying it to rest and then picking it up again is essential both to test its validity and to fine tune each word, each sentence, each paragraph and page, layout and to be filled with the exact meaning I have chosen for it, once the story has been told. I want my text to be like music that way, hold its own rhythm, accentuated at certain places, vibrate in a certain tone at others, be inspiring and make my point by offering these real life experiences that yet will always be too elusive to portray with words. Told my way, in my style. Sometimes I manage to, the spirit of the essence starts to flow through me onto the keyboard and words come out. First we must surrender. Put aside all our own procrastination, all our own expectations and pressures, all our ambitions in a sense of letting go of how it will be perceived, not because we don’t want a great audience to find us or for our book to be found, but to free ourselves from our self- and societal imposed limits to what we think we must write. Then, we just do it.


To my help I am surrounded by spirits from near and far. And Strindberg.

I put up a note inside the door to an apartment building on Strindbergsgatan 44 in 2013, looking for rent. In my former apartment last year, the man who rented it out to me had two paintings with Strindberg’s portrait on. My current has this bust.