Finding forgiveness

Forgiveness is the key to moving forward in life with a lesser burden. We need to forgive ourselves, forgive others, and be forgiven. This is how conflicts are finally resolved and how we can improve as human beings. The way to find forgiveness when it comes to others’ treatment of us, is by finding common ground and relate to the accusation.

Let’s say that your boyfriend or girlfriend feels jealous and accuses you of cheating. He, or she, might have taken your phone and gone through your text messages, including some that are private about your relationship. You become furious, and soon mistrust is brewing. To stop this cycle, ask yourself if you have ever been jealous of someone, or judged another with a prejudice assumption. You probably have. Thus, you can relate. By relating, you can instead use compassion when you communicate with your significant other, and let him or her feel better heard, more seen, validated and loved. In turn, you will feel more respected.

Sometimes, our hurt and pain stems from feeling bad treatment throughout generations against another family and thus calls for even more forgiveness. This is why the Hawaiian prayer in their Ho’oponopono practice encompass both past, present and future.

Who, and what, do you need to forgive?

You can read more about the Hawaiian practice Ho’oponopono and prayer here.

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