Serving the greater good

Do you ever wonder why certain things aren’t progressing the way they should, or why some people seem to get a break and you not? While I was reading in “The Medicine Woman Inner Guidebook” by Carol Bridges a couple of days ago, I was reminded of the importance to serve the greater good.

There is a higher purpose at stake. Whether you believe in God or not, there is something called “the greater good”, which is the sum of what is best for the many, from a holistic perspective. A perspective none of us can have, since we are just a tiny part of it. But, remembering that there is a greater purpose, can prove to be of much comfort and instil trust. You might have to wait for Divine timing, or maybe you are serving a higher purpose with your life already. We don’t always understand, when we are in the midst of what is happening, parallel with others.

Serving the greater good. can also be beneficial to have as one’s own purpose! If you don’t have any great vision, or dream of how you wish your life would be, you can still be of service, whether personally or professionally. Ask: “What can I do today?” and allow yourself to be totally open and ready for whomever or whatever comes your way. Go outside and follow your intuition, or go online and start chatting. Someone might just need your kind of help, whether practical or oral. Then add your own special knowledge, or experience, that can benefit the whole of society, and you are on your way to serve the greater good.

Interested in bouncing off your own thoughts and feelings about this? Contact me for a coaching session.

UPDATE: The day after I wrote this, I was approached by a man on the commuter train, asking me for directions and to translate his whereabouts to a person on his phone, which I of course did. We can all be of service!

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