Dealing with fears

Now, that we have a Russian invasion in Ukraine showing in the media all the time, it’s no wonder we become more fearful. Sweden isn’t a member of Nato and has had an aim to remain neutral, something that I grew up with, feeling proud of. It was the way of the UN, I thought. Now, however, we too could be targeted with an attack, for sending weapons to Ukraine and thereby taking sides, which I think is wrong by Sweden.

This fear is real. To handle fears, we must first discern what is real and what is created by our own worrisome mind. A direct fear, such as a physical threat, gives you both the chills, and a surge of energy, while worry wear you out. So, to deal with fears, let how you feel be known. Our fight or flee response, is our natural defence and something healthy to have. I have had to grow up dealing with this underlying current, due to the conditions of my childhood, with its family patterns and outer offenders, so I know first hand. To meet this fear, preparations are a must; to have our needs met, as well as have a source of information open. But most of all, to stay awake. To notice how people move around you, how the infrastructure works and how you can act in case of an emergency. This then, can become a safety cushion to fall back on. Something I too was taught growing up, thanks to my grandfather, who was a Firechief. And since this is real for many more than me, I finally feel better understood myself. So many people have misjudged my fears as anxious worry, when they have been actual threats to deal with. Stress is fear.

And remember, to instil fear, is also a weapon. To continue live our own lives with gratitude, is to choose the path to peace.

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