Practising Ho’oponopono

Whatever it is that you are going through, practising forgiveness can never go wrong. In Hawaii, there is a special prayer and approach to forgiveness. At best, one meet together with one’s adversary and stay in the meeting until everything is solved and settled. Second best, is praying and working on oneself.

Start by acknowledging what has become a conflict and see if you can relate to what your accuser is saying. Have you ever felt like him or her in another situation? You probably have, thus you can practice forgiveness on that. This in turn opens up for compassion and understanding with a greater acceptance and respect to follow. Visualise ocean green light clearing the situation after this prayer, that is said with pure intention.

Divine Creator, Father, Mother, Child as One,

If I, (insert name) , or any of my family, relatives, or ancestors, have ever insulted you (insert name), your family, relatives or ancestors, now or in the past, I humbly ask for forgiveness. Let this be so and let this be light. Thank you.

Then when everything is vented and solved, we share a meal and move on.

More about the woman behind it, can be read here.

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