Tending to our humanness by dancing

In Halau Healing Hula (Hawaiian dance school), we aimed to dance as one. It’s a fact that Hawaiian dance groups indeed dance very synced, as one. One motion. To become as one, we have to give up our own inclination to outshine anyone in competition. Instead, we look to the group’s dynamics.

What then seems to divide us, is only by our own interpretation. We already are one with one another, based on our humanness. As humans, we have access to the same range of emotions, thoughts and needs, although be they expressed differently, due to our language and culture. And as humans we can choose our reality to be one of separation, or one of inclusion and belonging. Taking this dance into society, we can translate our intricate weaving together, into our workplaces and our communities to become more one, as well.

To see an example of Hawaiian Hula dancing, have a look at this video.

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