The uniting factor

What have we learned from Covid-19? I haven’t been affected by it at all, more than wearing a mask in public and standing in lines more often, when I lived in Portugal. But, to me, it seems obvious that we as a whole need to travel a whole lot less to ensure both our own health, and the health of our environment. Less exhaustion, more oxygen. Better breathing! We aren’t built to fly as humans, so naturally we shouldn’t, more than to move. We should focus on our homes and that everyone has one, where they can live a good life.

What unites us all, is both our need for good health and the need to have a good environment. Regardless of political agendas, or personal preferences, we can all agree to focus on this.

What can you do? Let’s meet at Telluselle Living Center to discuss, compare, and develop good methods, founding these, where we are, and for generations to come.

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