Founding harmony in society

There is a place in the Bible where it says that the lilies in the field don’t worry (Matt 6:28). By this we can look at each other as flowers. And thus see how we all are like a bouquet. Rather than seeking unity, embrace diversity. Which flower are you? Which characteristics do you associate with this flower, thus yourself? And how can you look at others through this lens?

To embrace diversity, we need not only to embrace how we look different, but all our different opinions. And to understand how these are all coming from the uniqueness we all have, we can look to our journey around the sun to better grasp it. If each person represents a degree, we must have at least 360 different perspectives to take into account, where none of these are wrong and all are right, seeing the issue from his/her angle. Each angle is built on experience and education; practice and knowledge. And hopefully our own creativity and free thought. What we need is not to make us more uniform as humanity, but rather learn to respect each others differences. And we all look at the same moon.

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