Believing in wonder

When I grew up, I was told to find my own faith and thus were neither baptized, nor confirmed. Thus, my young adult years became a decade of seeking, often outside of myself. I read lots of self-help books, wore gemstones, read Tarot cards and subscribed to a personal horoscope. I soon understood that regardless of what anything said, it was always up to our free will. And that is also how we screw up as humanity. It’s always up to us and what we do at any given moment. Nonetheless, I want to believe in good, and I believe in God. Soon, I recognized how people seemed sent my way to help me, whether to find direction or carry up a piece of furniture four flight of stairs. I began to believe in Divine meetings. And it is this that I still believe in, and would like to foster a forum for, among other things. To be of inspiration.

I became Christian, after receiving grief counselling, in 2007 and decided to look in the Bible for answers instead. Miraculously, it seems to reflect my thoughts and experiences, whenever and wherever I flip it open. This, together with more self-confidence on a deeper level, has enabled me to find faith within and dare to trust myself, and my faith, more.

At Telluselle Living Center, we believe in love, in its broadest sense. We believe in the will to do good, and the willingness to learn, share and respect. And we believe that one can use tools like meditation and chanting to feel better, regardless of religion, as well as dancing as an expression of the soul. All with a focus on nature and the sun.

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