It begins and ends with our feet

Yesterday, I started giggling when I put up my feet on top of my bed, wearing my new cozy slippers. Finally, I felt warm enough to relax!

On the other hand, the relief of taking your socks off and putting a pair of flip-flops on when it’s hot outside, produces peace.

We should never underestimate these simple physical measures to alleviate our mood, or to calm down.

Last winter, I realized all this, since someone stole my warm socks, that I so desperately needed coming in after a rainy day. I couldn’t sleep all night. And a little thing like not wearing ankle socks, but rather regular ones, also made a difference. From the beginning, I guess they were made not to be seen in sneakers, but put on top of the stockings women wear to their work skirts. And to keep them put. But is it always right to wear?

How much should we put aside comfort to enable good looks? And also, how good should we make us look? To me it’s always about health.

Right now, I am missing leg-warmers. I think what has been invented should always be available. Can you imagine a world where the asortation of goods are infinite, so we can always choose what we want (both style, color and fabric), rather than what the stores would like to offer? A specialist selection but for everyday use and regular prices. How would this market look like? A store for cardigans in all colors?

We let energy out through our feet. And keep it in. It’s the best temperature regulator we have.

What did your mother tell you?

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