Dancing the sculpture

An early evening in 2017, a documentary came on Axess TV in Sweden with a story on an old sculptor from down south where I am from, narrated by one of my favourite actors, reading from his letters. His name was Axel Ebbe and he used to portray women with both light and depth, comparing them to a sunflower but still nailed with a spiritual burden. As soon as I watched it, I felt inspired to dance like Duncan with her motions so eloquently right before him, telling of the same. Many of his sketches done as life-drawings were shown alongside a short portrait of the school he worked for. It caught my ear since I have been a paid croquis-model there once, for a night-class of artist-students in 1997 or so, through a friend who was an Art Director I worked with knowing a painter who also held workshops in Personal development painting, called Rina.

I posed nude in a variety of poses, sometimes with a block or two to stand on, sit on or place a foot upon, much like a sculpture for the students to work on angles, shadows, forms and perspectives. A little jazz as background music and a huge robe for me to wear during breaks. The students kept their sketches afterwards, but I asked to be allowed to walk around and have a look. To see all these paintings looking quite differently depending on who has used their charcoal and pencil while I was the same object really made me realize how different we can be perceived by others, as well as portrayed. Not to mention, how this also changes since we are in constant motion…

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