Defining the new normal

Across the social media sea, talking about the current changes we are going through collectively due to the spreading of the Covid-19 virus, as becoming “the new normal” seems to be spreading as much. Is that how we want it?

When we are forced to cope with unforeseen stress during a longer period of time, we still have to remember that it’s temporary coping, or we will all fall prey to victimhood. The right way to think about it, is rather “right now”. Right now we have to wear masks and keep a distance. If these are scary times for you, please remember what you don’t need to change too.

And of course, this can also be an opportune time to do a change that you have procrastinated about doing. It’s all about what we are letting become a habit and how we approach what we are doing.

What is the emotion you are feeling when you are doing dishes? Happiness? Anger? Doing something mundane also provides you with a choice to practice mindful presence, ie become aware of what you are doing and either try to remain neutral with an absolute focus on the doing, or change your emotion with thoughts and perhaps music. How does loving doing dishes feel?

When it comes to creating new habits and routines, remember that it’s said to allow for at least 21 days of practice before it can become a habit.

I live my life both with coping with other things, besides Covid-19 restrictions, and there in between trying to improve my habits, but I think 28 days is more reasonable to have as a measure, at least for us women with our cycles.

So, what is your preferred normal? That is the real question you need to ask yourself and discuss! How can you start creating that instead?

If you’d like to bounce your thoughts off me as your sparring partner, I’d be happy to coach you!

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