The development of dancing

I’ve been thinking of Luigi recently. Why is that? He developed a technique for jazzdancers that I practiced in my 20’s, in Lund, Sweden.Today, when I practiced Isadora Duncan dance technique, it struck me, it must be where Luigi got it. How we do leg-swings, smearing the floor for foreover recovers, and more. Maybe it’s even her spirit that lived on with him after his traffic accident, the same way she died? Is it how we continue a message after our death?

The way I have to use my upper body with Isadora Duncan dance technique not only supports a better posture, but enables me to feel the difference in how I can express myself gentler, softer, lighter and with more femininity. Expanding and expressing, rather than shrinking and suppressing, dancing enables the becoming of me. Moving with earth.

We maintain what we learn by keeping it the same, upholding a standard. It’s an exhilirating experience, based on a connection through generations, just like Hawaiian Hula and West African dance also is taught.

Moving along.

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