The time of my life

One of the areas, a professional lifecoach works with, is helping the client to improve their time management. It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t work on my own first. We can handle it in two ways:

1. Focus on the order to do things.

2. Focus on when to do what.

In a normal life, we have collective routines set in place to both enable, and control, that this works with anything from paying our bills on time to when we have lunch.

How can we ensure that this is supporting the kind of life we want, when others stop us by refusing to do their part, even as their duty?

We can only follow the sun and the moon and adjust accordingly to get our needs met. If you ruled out the rules of society and prioritized the natural laws, how would your life change? Most of all, how is what you are doing, either enabling and respecting other people’s needs, or are you hindering them from being on time? What can you shift in your thinking?

For many years as a young adult, I struggled with getting up in the morning. The last decade, however, I realized and decided to instead focus on when I can go to sleep. What do I need to be able to sleep well, and how long? In my case, having eaten well, paid my rent and not being cold, is crucial, and preferably sleeping alone in the room, without anybody going in when I’m not there, which really should be evident. This is called external factors.

Internal factors, are the mental and emotional stress we feel, such as unresolved issues with others that directly impact our ability to live a balanced life, including sleeping enough uninterupted.

Who can you contact today to try to either solve a problem, or stop being one harming another person?

Only the sun rules!

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