Freedom isn’t free

When do you feel free? To me it can be cantering with a horse on an open field, to dance it all out on a club, or of course to leave Sweden and enter a new destination. Travelling is freedom.

But what is freedom really at home? It’s to have a home! A home where nobody intrudes, where I can speak my mind freely, whether orally or in writing, without neither repercussions, nor being stalked or slandered. It’s simply being free from oppression. And free to be alone.

In Sweden, I am not free. In 2007, the Swedish state health agency Försäkringskassan revoked my sick compensation because they thought my blogging should have to be stopped. Blogging that I have never been paid for, then in Swedish, including sharing my health challenges. We were a couple of people commenting on each other’s blogs to support each other, and it was thanks to that, I was offered a temporary lease to another apartment when I lost my own, due to said revocation. I appealed and reported it. Nonetheless, even with witnesses and physicians notes, and bank statements, I was assumed cheating. I later learned that it was someone reporting his suspicion with his false assumptions.

If this is my Swedish freedom, what is it then I’m supposed to defend?

Without income nobody can feel free, since it’s the foundation for making a choice. Freedom of choice, freedom to choose what to eat, where to sleep and with whom, freedom to talk about my dreams, freedom to apply for jobs and go to one, and freedom to express myself. Freedom to try to be and do my best. Nothing ever possible without money, that the Swedish state is hindering me from making.

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