Protecting our space

The body of the land is like an extension of our physical body. We inhabit both with our spirit, personality and soul. And together with others we create a culture that is both the result of, and the making of, the rules we live under and steer how we interact, within our shared space.

Protecting our space is therefore a question about how we enforce our personal boundaries and our country’s borders. Sometimes we like to get help from our neighbors, sometimes it’s a global question. What we must protect ourselves from, is both the enemy within and the enemy coming from outside. How much help do we need from others to do so and can even that help become a threat?

When I hear about how my American girlfriends have had to send out their sons into deployment, it saddens me. Likewise, I wonder with what right the United States claims right to have a presence in any other country than within their own territories.

Here in Portugal, there is an academy for Nato communications, close to where the original telegraph was first invented and used between Britain and Portugal. Naturally, as a peace-lover, I’m primarily against military presence, but if the police isn’t warding off intruders, who else can? It should however be evident that any foreign country’s military base should never be allowed to be present unless called for by the citizens, but rather Nato’s presence perhaps, or any other alliance’s.

If the Swedish police and courts can’t stop my stalker from intruding, and stop the contineous thefts and sabotages by others for more than ten years, meanwhile refusing me monetary assistance and compensation, who then can, how and where? If the Swedish media refuses to publish information about this, for the Swedish people to discuss it, who then has become a greater enemy than the stalker?

If only one country goes against another, it becomes a conflict. If several countries, such as the United States, Germany and Portugal goes together, it will become a matter of questioning the decisions by Sweden, on behalf of my Human Rights, based on evidence. That is what I want.

Why is it even a question to allow me to have a home, eat, work, pay my bills and live a normal life?

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