The right to smile

One of my biggest caveats (pun intended) in life, has been my teeth. I had braces, lots of different kinds, for most of my school-years, until I was 17, got a perm, and finally felt I could be attractive and make out with guys.

Fast forward to spring 2004 when my dentist suddenly said that I had gotten about a dozen cavities (after having none during past years, besides harmed enamel on one). The year after, I had to get emergency surgery in Honolulu and of course I sought to get it all fixed when I came back to Sweden…

But, I had to wait for most of it for THREE YEARS. And then, it still wasn’t over. Another TWO YEARS before I could get a replacement done. And this even with some money of my own, good state benefits and time to, in the south downtown of the city where we have the university education for dentistry? It was then in 2008, I began to really question if there was something else going on, if there was someone who didn’t want me to smile on camera, on TV, performing. Not to mention eating properly, romantically, and to express my genuine positive attitude that I was known for, at Malmö University during my studies to become a coach in personal and organizational development, where I also started with my professional speaking, after being sabotaged from making presentations at some of my former workplaces as a copywriter.

Finally, in 2010 before I went back to Hawaii, I could smile again. In 2012, the other half of my mouth also became emergent and was luckily fixed in 2013 and 2014 back in Sweden, again after one had to be pulled out in Honolulu.

Yet, not all were fixed, again weirdly delayed… and with a specific grant approving the cost in 2016. What is Sweden doing? Why do I still had to wait for another FOUR YEARS?

Who has a problem with my healthy lifestyle, happiness and looks?

What was done in 2010, now must be redone 10 years later, and the pain is just like it was before that, as if these years haven’t even passed, and I’m still waiting.

All this to stop me from working (besides the intrusions and stalking) even outside of media? Or simply to stop me from dating, getting married and have children?

Luckily, there also are good dentists in Portugal…

So grateful to get that compliment yesterday from a cute stranger on Instagram and some emergency treatment here today.

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