Half human, half divine

Are we not all half human and half divine? How does that look and come into play with our personalities and egos?

In my quest to heal myself, often with others’ help, I have discovered the difference by feeling and watching myself, and applying Hawaiian and New Zealand knowledge about how we have one side of the body corresponding to our father’s side and the other to our mother’s.

In some of my photos, my right side (eye) looks a little dead, provoked when I have to become angry to defend myself, but can often be revived by sunshine, dancing, playing and love. What sometimes happen, is that my mother’s spirit comes down to protect me from harm, since my Ego, ie my own protective shield has become too attacked and therefore I am fighting on an actual physical level of survival since several years, requiring that. It’s her I see sometimes in my right eye.

The Ego displays our personality and charm, I believe, which I hope I am able to show you in my other photos in this blog. My inner child expressed.

One of the women harming me, apart from being denied a substitute income or compensation by the Swedish state adding unnecessary stress, has taken away my soulpiece it seems, which you can see in some photos in her eyes. Also half, or not herself, not showing her own inner child.

It’s this I’d like to correct. What I have learned to practice in Portugal, is to call on my own energy back. And it’s here I found out that it seems like Jesus had the same division in his face, that was explained like this. But, wasn’t he harmed and had to fight for his survival too, ie not safe enough to heal his own inner child?

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