Pure poetry

It’s when we dare to express ourselves from our own inner deepest feeling, we become true. Maybe only another writer would be able to understand the hesitancy when others interfer, misinterpret, mock and wish it would be about them. So, we write what is appropriate, airy and polite. Keeping the truth to ourselves instead of praising the splendor we see around us.

It travels through my body, until I let it become in my heart. A yearning to be enveloped.

Maybe it was him that day in New York City in 2003. The cute guy who suddenly made me stop and smile when he looked at me inside the Soyluck club cafe on 14th street. When walking later and the day after, I ended up getting lost, back to the same spot several times. As if he was reeling me in.

Seventeen years later, I dream a little. I hear our shared light laughter with love.

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