Making love

One of our needs, still so taboo to talk about, is the one with potential to satisfy many others we have, but not always.

It was in the early 90’s, I learned the difference between having sex and making love, in a longterm relationship with the same guy. Having sex can be both good or bad, yet just sex. Physically satisfying but only to satisfy a need, if we let it be so. Lovemaking creating an emotional bond, but where the body can be put in second place. Isn’t it between these two most get caught wandering?

Making love is founded through a shared opening and meeting of hearts, including during the act. A willingness to let down the guard and share vulnerability with mutual respect and care. To see the other in the eyes at the same time that we are joining together. Have you tried it?

Have you felt the difference and can you tell, and decide when is what? The interexchange of physical vibes, touch and space in the moment is needed to create an intimate dynamic together, always a pre-requisite that seems to be overrun nowadays. It must rather be upheld even as we all evolve into a more digital society, (although a little foreplay can be created with words, connection and imagination ignited online).

How will a younger generation learn the difference if they go from chatting to bed directly, rather than letting the energy of the moment grow into mutual lust?

Blending, tending to the other’s inner child when we can’t ourselves, creating a third ego, a family shield.

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