Ripe for release?

When is it time? Not only when are we ready, but when are others ready to receive our message?

A part of me wonder of course, if there is a Divine timing to my book-releases that will become when it comes out in the news, or if they indeed are put in the shadow by certain others on purpose? 

Today I ran into a person I have been wanting to check in with for a moment about something, how perfect timing!

This question about whether others are ready for what we want to sell, was something a business acquaintance of mine made me aware of more than 20 years ago. This is why marketing teams sometimes need to have surveys done and have small groups test new products first, before a release.

Often, we wish and plan for our goals to be met but the majority out there will still affect everything, unless God really does decide. Exiting, isn’t it? Who does?

You can find my books on Amazon and Kindle. 

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