Looking for the perfect house to live in

Most of my adult life, I’ve received compliments for my looks, both clothes, and hairstyle. But many times when I looked in the mirror, I didn’t feel it was really me. As if the clothes and hair were nicer looking than me. Always hunting for new trends.

My home too, have always been decorated by myself to reflect balance, color-coordination and serenity with lots of green plants. Vintage and modern combined. Like in a magazine both my mother, landlords and friends have said. (I do deteste disorder, but only my own.) But, was it looking too perfect?

Living abroad has made it possible to see a variety of styles for me to be able to create something new. Here in Portugal, especially with their tiles and roof-tops.

However, the main need for both my body, home and town is the same: the right temperature. No matter how pretty clothes I can find, or home, or country, if I am cold, I can’t relax, express myself fully with my body-language and even get rested. This is why I need climate change! And live among warm hearted people, which I don’t feel in Sweden.

To be able to become and house my best self.

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