What it’s like? It’s an anger that never gets closure and proper venting eye to eye to the person behind it. It’s an aching of the body, a creeping under your skin. It’s a saddening fright of being totally disrespected. It’s frustrating, stalling, stifling, delaying, annoying, sickening and totally exhausting.

It’s moments of loss, it’s joy taken, it’s ruined relationships, it’s ruined plans both online and in life.

It’s loss of money not only the actual things stolen or the cash, and what is needed to buy new, but all it’s worth and all the time and effort trying to replace it and yet being angry every time you see the unnecessary replacement, together with no income that also is hindered.

It’s pointless with lots of stuff put out that just is being trashed. It’s a total waste of my time that will never lead to anything good, or simply anything.

More than to get a gun perhaps, since the police has ignored all my reports of it for years. And why is that? Maybe because I’m not blonde and/or famous enough.

It’s how it is to be stalked.

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