What makes our inner child miserable?

Like all children do, we too cry and get upset when we don’t get the sleep we need or eat in a timely manner. It’s just that as adults, we have learned to suppress our needs, to hide them and save it for later. If we’re not careful, these needs might be too covered up so we don’t even feel them but rather medicate or lash out in angry outbursts, with even more upsetting obstacles to getting our needs met. Taking good care of them is the essence of self-care. What you think is an illness, might just be an inbalance that you can correct yourself and with professional help. So, how do you know what you need?

Here is what I know about myself. I tend to start eating something as soon as I come inside, but what I really need might to become warm, unwind and drink a glass of water. Unless it’s rather that I became hungry several hours ago but suppressed it. Only I can know and choose what is most important to do first.

Let’s then assume that our physical needs are met and that you have people around you. But are they the right ones for you? Is there someone that you can have fun with and play with? What is having fun to you?

What is then stopping you and how? Who are robbing you of having fun and getting your needs met? And why?

It is when we are both getting our needs met and having fun, we can make money in a good way.

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