Connecting with our own heart

Whenever we have encountered harsh words or belittling remarks, harmful behavior and ignorance from others, been ignored too much, or have been too hard on ourselves, it’s time for some self-compassion. If we don’t tend to our true feelings, it will eat at us and create more back in return, or an ignoring that peel off our true selves, our inner child. The way many feel separated from soul, comes from that, a brushing off of the cruel world that eventually either leads to a stronger negative ego or a separate personality – a role we play – where we don’t let our soul shine with us.

Then we need to first connect with ourselves and our own heart. By showing ourselves compassion the way we can towards others who we see have had it rough, we can begin to heal ourselves and rebuild our own trust and self-reliance. The best tool that I use for that is “Supercoach”.

I used to have a cuddly bunny growing up, as well as real bunnies as pets, wherefore this is part of enabling me a good connection to my inner child – soul – self. By hugging him I can console and create my needed reinforcement with an appeal to my Higher and Middle selves – inner adult and parent – to improve my self-care with healthy habits. I ask him what he thinks and he shows and says what I need to do, and what I feel.

Integrating these three levels of self, enables healing and wholeness. Then, I dance with joy!