Under the weather

A couple of days ago, while walking alongside a big road, I noticed that someone had thrown away two new cart of pills. I didn’t recognize the name but it made me wonder if it was some kind of necessary drug for emotionally unstable people. Soon enough, I noticed broken glass at the bus-stop, roadsigns that had been lifted up and a man outside the mall screaming loudly to himself. Perhaps autistic, I thought. Guards and police showed up a while later.

So, when do we need to take medicine and what for?

If you are into holistic health like me, you are probably reluctant to take conventional medicine. Popping white pills might not rhyme with your yoga-mat, yet it might be pointless with herbal mixes that is just another type of food intake.

For a while I was afraid that I would be, or could become, addicted to any of the medications I have taken, and take, when I need to, such as regular ibuprofen or medicine to calm down my stomach, since I get sick when others stalk and steal from me. However, it turns out that I usually only need less than half of the recommended dose and they are all available without prescriptions. That one pill can save my day.

I have come to the conclusion that whenever we can’t control a symptom ourselves, or regain control directly after experiencing an out-of-control reaction, such as violent road-rage, it is necessary.

And as always, stress levels, our hormones and the weather, together with getting our regular needs met well, is what must first be improved. It is the real medicine.

Are you sleeping well? Drinking enough fresh water? Eating nutrious food? Getting fresh air, daylight, a hug and getting things solved that are making you feel stressed? What if you can be the medicine to someone else, that needs help to cope? Is there someone needing you to answer?

Only you know what you really need. Dare ask yourself and get your own honest answer, regardless of what you have read about others!

Be the medicine.

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