Early on, I used to wonder what I and my life would have become like, would my family not be forced to move all the time, which I loathed. I changed town and classmates in 3rd grade, 5th grade, 7th grade and 10th grade and thus became part of different young cultures, and dialects! Who could I have met or remain bestie with, would I have been able to stay? Luckily, I got to take the train a couple of times on my own between two towns when I was 11 years old to go back and visit my friends over the weekend. Early on, I had to become independent.

I think the opinions of others and simply our emotions concerning others, together with how we are brought up and the regular social conditioning, becomes like the layers of time that we can see in trees and soil. What if the foundation becomes poured over with negativity? Must we not then remove this before moving on? How much should we adapt to the changing environment and how much should we either just accept or resist whether the people or the place?

By cultivating and performing the same spiritual practices regularly everywhere, we can find the path into our heart and take out the direction from there, regardless. Or will we end up at the same destination anyway?

Life becomes like travel, a journey.

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